These are just some of the  testimonials we've had about the previous Conventions



We found the SRTCs in 2018 and 2019 to be very beneficial to the organisation in a number of ways. Firstly, it allowed us to meet potential partners (Siemens, ORE Catapult to name a few) which has resulted in a potential partnership project with Siemens. New contact with the Catapult has also meant we are "in the loop" in respect of future developments in both transport but importantly for us also renewable energy and battery technology. Secondly the Convention has given us contacts in the Mobility as a Service sector. Thirdly, in presenting and attending both conferences we have spread the word on how we deliver transport. This has resulted in suggestions on how we can improve but also a good number of telephone calls and visits from other organisations to learn from our work. We also made contact with Jenny.”

Gordon Muir, Managing Director, The Rural Development Trust


“The conference was definitely worth attending as I also got to meet Jenny. Marr Area Partnership subsequently held an information gathering exercise based on rural transport – MAP had been thinking of looking at rural transport issues, but ideas weren’t very focussed. Attending the conference definitely informed how the info gathering exercise was structured, and some interesting themes have emerged. We are now supporting groups to learn about electric car share schemes,  and will be holding a forum for footpath groups in March. The conference was very thought-provoking, and while the problem of rural transport will always be tricky to perfect, it was reassuring to be with so many people all intent on solving the same issues.”

Kate Redpath, Development Officer, Marr Area Partnership


“As an innovation centre focused on transport innovation that improves the quality of life for people across the UK,  the Rural Transport Convention has enabled us to build a deeper understanding of the challenges facing rural and island communities in Scotland while identifying opportunities to provide support via our research and development network, and relationships with policy makers such as Transport Scotland and the Department for Transport.”

Connected Places Catapult 


From the standpoint of an economic development generalist, the conference proved tremendously useful for both content and networking. The organisers also put a lot of effort into the design of the event, which complemented the themes and added to the networking opportunities. Thanks to the conference, I obtained a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities for rural transport and I have also developed a range of contacts from industry, policy and academic backgrounds. The main reason I came from Ireland was to learn about UK expertise and best practice in a rural context. This helped inform the Embassy's regional economic engagement with Ireland, where regional transport features highly. We will have some form of dialogue with Irish partners in the future on shared transport challenges. In this regard, because of demographic similarities, Scotland would be the most useful source for UK best practice and commercial solutions."

Harry  O’Rahilly, Prosperity and Economy at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ireland


"I have been coming to the Convention for the last couple of years. The reason why I travel from the South East of England is simple - this brilliantly organised and informative event fills a genuine niche. Rural transport and the value that it has to communities that it serves is not an afterthought here.  It is front and centre, and gives those who are in this space the chance to share ideas, best practice and network. I look forward to the next event."

James Gleave, Mobility Lab


“98% of Scotland is rural and good transport is a vital part of living in rural Scotland. Poor transport links have been highlighted as a barrier to those who live with poor mental health in rural areas to access services. The Rural Transport Convention is a crucial event to highlight these issues and ensure policy-makers hear the importance of improving rural transport and act upon them. To have the Cabinet Secretary for Transport to come to the Convention proves the importance that this event holds.”

Jim Hume, Convener of the National Rural Mental Health Forum