Scottish Rural and Island Parliament - Transport Forum Report

This recently released report which SRITC have produced captures the rich discussions, valuable insights and innovative ideas that were shared during a  workshop that we organised and faciliated at the Scottish Rural & Islands Parliament 2023 which took place in Fort William between November 1st and 3rd 2023.

The workshop focused on the future direction of a Rural and Island Mobility Plan (RIMP). We believe it will be an excellent resource for our community members, providing a comprehensive overview of the discussions and highlighting key takeaways alongside the development of the RIMP.

You can view and download a copy of the FREE report here.

💡 A Rural and Island Mobility Plan: The Building Blocks Report

"A Rural and Island Mobility Plan: The Building Blocks." report provides a comprehensive review of the evidence gathered from the Lego-based hybrid workshop held during the SRITC Gathering in May. Whether you're a transportation enthusiast or interested in our shared goals, this report is a must-read.

📢 Explore the SRITC Gathering 2023 Report!

We're thrilled to share the SRITC Gathering 2023 Report with our community. It's here, and it's brimming with insights, stories, and shared experiences from our event. This report encapsulates our collective journey and the impact we're making in scarcer geographies.

Sustainable Transport STEM Challenge: SRITC report for Rural Communities Fund

Discover the innovative solutions developed by SRITC to promote sustainable transport in rural areas. This report, submitted in April 2023, highlights the transformative impact of STEM education. Read the report here and watch the inaugural STEM Transport Networking Event on our YouTube channel!

Virtual Cafes 2023 Content

November 2023 - Electric Vehicles (EVs)

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us at the SRITC November Virtual Cafe! Your enthusiasm and engagement truly made the event a success. Special thanks to our esteemed speakers, Alan Gristwood, Tony Archer, and Kathryn Logan, for sharing their valuable insights and experiences in supporting communities to embrace electric vehicles and sustainable transportation solutions. Watch the event recording here.

October 2023 - Aviation

Did you miss our journey into the skies? We explored the fascinating world of aviation at SRITC's October Virtual Cafe: BYOC - Aviation Edition. Thanks to everyone who joined for engaging discussions, special guests, and industry insights. Watch the recording here and check out the speakers' presentations (1, 2, 3).

September 2023 - Highlands and Islands Communities and Rural Transport

With 35 wonderful attendees and inspiring discussions on "Highlands and Islands communities and rural transport," it was truly a success. Watch the recording here.

June 2023 - The James Hutton Institute Research Case Study Presentation

In June Virtual Cafe, we delved into a captivating research case study by the The James Hutton Institute, all about the relationship between transport and rural & island repopulation. Fascinating stuff! Learn more about it here.

March 2023 - Transport and Health in Rural Areas

Were you curious about the intersection of transport and health in rural areas? March SRITC Virtual Cafe delved into this topic in an engaging and informative discussion. Our presenters explored the challenges facing rural areas in transport policy and practice, emphasizing the lack of available data for effective community planning. The role of virtual mobility was also examined, prompting essential questions about the trade-offs between online connectivity and physical mobility.
Speakers of the day:
- Charles Musselwhite, Aberystwyth University
- Rhianne Forrest, Children's Health Scotland
- Ruari Watt, DMBinS
- Caroline Laurenson, TL Tech

Watch the recording here.

February 2023 - Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

We were joined by Deirdre de Bhailís, General Manager of the Dingle Hub which is located in the south-west coast of Ireland, and has been designated as the decarbonisation zone for Co Kerry.

Transport (at 54% of the total) is the greatest single user of energy on the Peninsula and a national Sustainable Mobility Pathfinder project is underway to develop reliable, realistic, easy-to-access and affordable alternative modes of travel that will reduce high levels of private car dependency currently inherent in rural areas.

You can see the recording here and download a copy of Deirdre's presentation here

Spotlight on Rural & Islands Transport Report 2022

SRITC submitted this report to the Scottish Government's rural directorate in June 2022. The report was prepared in response to the launch of the National Transport Strategy 2 Delivery Plan (NTS2) consultation phase and contains the findings that emerged from 3 virtual workshops convened and faciliated by SRITC between March and April 2022.  

The report can be downloaded here and concludes by presenting six "Big Asks" of the Scottish Government. 

  • Ask 1 - An Integrated Rural & Islands Mobility Plan
  • Ask 2 - A Rural and Islands Transport Innovation Fund
  • Ask 3 - A Rural & Islands Transport Leadership Group
  • Ask 4 - A Rural & Islands Transport Procurement Framework
  • Ask 5 - A Sustainable Rural Transport STEM challenge
  • Ask 6 - A Rural & Islands Open Data Framework

20 Minute Neighbourhoods in Rural & Island Areas
A roundtable organised by Scottish Rural Action, the Scottish Rural & Islands Transport Community and SURF - Scotland's Regeneration Forum - brought together practitioners from different rural and island geographies to discuss the application of 20 Minute Neighbourhoods (20 MNs) in place planning in 2022. You can read the report on this event here.

SOAST: Suburban-fringe 'on-demand' algorithm based shared transport: is demand responsive transport integrated with parcel delivery the viable future?

In this research published by Heriot-Watt University, Jenny Milne alongside Philip Greening, David Corne, Roderick Macdonald, and Andrew Desmond Spence, looked into combining parcel delivery with bus services. In other words, buses carrying parcels as well as passengers. This seems sensible, because if passengers and parcels are both going to the same place, then it seems efficient to use a single vehicle. However, certain facilitating systems need to be present, such as a network of ‘last-mile’ lockers where buses can drop parcels off for local distribution, and an intelligent smartphone-based booking service.

After detailed modelling, and discussion with bus and parcel companies, they found this could be highly effective, especially in rural and semi-rural areas, and in the context of on-demand bus services.

Their simulation studies showed that high coverage of rural parcel demand could be achieved with minimal impact on passenger mobility, leading to significant reduction in carbon emissions and a substantial positive impact on viability of rural and part-rural bus services.

Read the report here.

Rural and Islands Strategic Stakeholder Workshop - Report & Next Steps

Our Supporter Scottish Rural Action just published a report on the Rural Movement and Strategic Stakeholder Event that took place last November. It is a narrative of their discussions as well as an outline of the next steps in the engagement process in strengthening the rural movement in Scotland.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Scottish Transport Statistics 2021 - Key Rural Insights

The Scottish Government have published their latest report on annual transport statistics. We've created a little infographic that captures these statistics and paints a clear and compelling picture of the realities of travel in Scotland's rural and islands communities.

You can view and download the infographic here

Please share it widely as its insights like these that strenghten the case for further innovation and investments in rural transport. 

LinkedIn Group

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