SRITC Six Big Asks from the Spotlight on Rural & Islands Transport Report 2022

In response to the Scottish Government's National Transport Strategy 2 Delivery Plan consultation phase, we conducted extensive research and convened virtual workshops from March to April 2022. We're thrilled to unveil the outcomes of our efforts in the form of six comprehensive "Big Asks" aimed at enhancing rural and island transportation infrastructure and services. These asks were compiled into a detailed report submitted to the Scottish Government's rural directorate in June 2022.

πŸ” What are the Big Asks?

  1. Integrated Rural & Islands Mobility Plan
  2. Rural and Islands Transport Innovation Fund
  3. Rural & Islands Transport Leadership Group
  4. Rural & Islands Transport Procurement Framework
  5. Sustainable Rural Transport STEM Challenge
  6. Rural & Islands Open Data Framework

These asks represent our vision for a more connected, innovative, and sustainable transport system in rural and island communities. We invite you to delve into the report to learn more about our recommendations and join us in advocating for positive change.

πŸ“₯ Download the report here.

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